Organic Posy apples make Chinese debut

Wed 28/03/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
Organic Possy

Chinese e.commerce platform Fruit Day is set to supply the Posy, an organic apple imported from New Zealand, introduced the Posy, a new organic apple grown in New Zealand. This year will be the first opportunity for Chinese consumers to taste the Posy, an apple with over 14 degrees brix.  The Posy is pink and bright red and has a fine, delicate skin, a sweet, juicy and crisp pulp and a subtle peach fragrance.

Posy apples are produced by New Zealand’s largest organic apple farmer, Bostock, in Hawke’s Bay, a region ideally suited to apple production with its abundant sunlight and warm temperatures. Bostock has over 470ha of certified organic land and contributes 90% of New Zealand’s organic apple exports. Its production is the only one in New Zealand with fair trade certification.


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