Chile’­s exports of avocados to Australia move a step closer

Wed 28/03/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
DSCF4212 Hass avocado on the tree

A review of biosecurity import requirements is now underway to determine the viability of Chile’s exports of avocado to Australia and should be ready by the end of 2018. A preliminary assessment of Chilean avocados found potential pests are the same as those previously assessed by the department for other horticultural products, meaning no further risk management measures should be required for avocado imports.

If Chile’s application is accepted, the country’s producers will most likely ship to Australia during the summer months, when demand usually outstrips supply, especially in January and February.  However, there are a lot of new plantings in Australia, which have yet to reach full maturity. So, it remains to be seen whether there will be sustained demand for imported fruit.


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