New Zealand’s first zero carbon Fairtrade banana

Thu 10/06/2021 by Richard Wilkinson
New Zealand’s first zero carbon Fairtrade banana

A partnership between All Good and T&G Fresh has led to the launch of the first Fairtrade and zero carbon certified bananas. Andrew Keaney, managing director of T&G Fresh, said the company proud import, sell and distribute zero carbon bananas across Aotearoa:

“As part of our Kaitiakitanga commitment, we’re focused on building a healthier planet by protecting and nurturing the natural environment and taking positive climate action is part of this. Together our team has worked alongside All Good, Agrofair and our Ecuadorian growers, as well as utilising our global connections to find a solution to offset the carbon footprint of every All Good banana. It’s a huge effort to get to this point and it’s the result of years of hard work.”

Each All Good banana is carbon neutral certified by EKOS and off-set in a permanent forest protection project in the Peruvian Andes near to the Fairtrade farms in El Guabo, Ecuador where All Good bananas are grown.

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