Nature’s Pride stresses role of collective action in responsible water management 

Wed 12/04/2023 by Nature's Pride / Richard Wilkinson
UN Water Conference_Adrielle Dankier and Coen van Iwaarden
UN Water Conference, Adrielle Dankier and Coen van Iwaarden
UN Water Conference, Coen van Iwaarden under lines importance of collectiveaction

The UN water conference in New York has resulted in a Water Action Agenda with 700 commitments to tackle the global water crisis and promote sustainable water use globally. Nature’s Pride was actively involved in the United Nations conference and looks back on a valuable water summit.

Adriëlle Dankier, CEO at Nature’s Pride, attended the conference: “For us, water is not just a sustainability topic, but also an integrated part of our organisation. We apply responsible water management as purchasing criteria, work together with the Dutch government and local authorities and set up WASH projects. This makes us a driver of responsible water management in our sector. It was therefore very valuable for us to make our voice heard at the conference and to draw attention to responsible water management in the fruit and vegetable sector. Key figures in the field of water from all over the world came together at the UN, so we were able to speak to people you don’t normally sit down with. This has contributed to strengthened relationships and new contacts, creating further awareness and commitment to take collective action.”

Whereas the role of water in food systems used to receive relatively little attention, Wageningen University & Research and Nature’s Pride, together with other partners, have put this higher on the agenda during the UN water conference.

Coen van Iwaarden, Senior Sustainable Business Advisor at Nature’s Pride participated in the panel discussion at the UN water summit: “We have highlighted the role of water in international trade. About how Europe is linked to water stress in the producing countries and that we need to work together throughout the chain to better manage water. The urgency of the water situation is clear. After the dialogue at the conference with a specific Water Action Agenda as a result, it’s now up to the public and private sectors to take more decisive action together. We will actively follow up and commit ourselves to continue to make a difference in our chain, in order to contribute to a healthier and more resilient food system.”


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