PGI lemons drive Italian fruit purchases

Wed 12/04/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

Fresh lemons are purchased by 70% of Italian families, equal to over 40 million individuals a year with an average purchase of 6 kilograms of product per family (CSO/GFK data) for an offer of around 450,000 tons in Italy, according to the PGI Syracuse Lemon Consortium. Italians prefer packaged lemons to bulk lemons and have no perception of the seasonality of the product but prefer Italian origin.

The value of the Protected Geographical Indication is significant, in fact, according to the latest Ismea report, out of the €384 million sales of PDO and PGI fruit and vegetables, €36 million derive from citrus fruits.

Alessandra Campisi, president of the Syracuse Lemon Consortium PGI, said: “The Italian spirit and the link with the territory of origin are the strength of our product and determine an added value that goes hand in hand with the excellence noticeable quality. I believe that, in this historical moment in which the impact of climate change on the production performance of crops is increasingly evident, it is essential to reach the consumer by placing the emphasis on the excellence of the PGI product. The Syracuse PGI lemon must not be trivialized in the fruit and vegetable departments but must have a precise identity, perceivable by consumers. We have excellent visibility on social networks which attests to the great interest of the public for a unique product , like his land, Sicily. The digital campaign implemented with the support of CSO Italy, reached over 500,000 views in 40 days and above all a high engagement with consumers with frequent messages, shares and comments on posts. The public appreciates the certified origin, the proposed use of the recipe product, the health advice.”

However,  there is still work to do. “I believe that, despite the great generalized difficulties of this campaign,” concludes Alessandra Campisi. “It is essential to reach the consumer with effective and engaging communication and a defined and identifying presence in supermarkets. The results of this synergy could provide positive surprises.”


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