Nature’s Pride’ soft fruit activities to continue as ‘Berries Pride’

Wed 01/07/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Nature's Pride' soft fruit activities to continue as 'Berries Pride'

In recent years, Nature’s Pride has developed into an important player in the soft fruit market. With a dedicated team of product specialists, they know how to provide many customers in Northern Europe with a broad assortment, including soft fruit, every day. To perfect the conditions for berries, they will start a new business from July 1st (2020) in a new location, under the name of Berries Pride. Nature’s Pride predicts a strong future for the soft fruit category. Although they are proud of the share owned in this category together with their partners, they can also see even more potential. The launch of Berries Pride will enable them to give to berries their full attention, thanks to a team that has knowledge and expertise about their products and the chain.

Their aim is to be a leading soft fruit supplier by supplying the highest quality soft fruit to the Northern European retail market year-round. They can only achieve this through sustainable business relationships. This is why they will focus on transparency, share as much data as possible and promote joint entrepreneurship. In addition, their berry experts are moving to a location in De Lier on July 1st. They expect all this to lead to a strong and efficient chain, in which the potential of the category is optimally utilised.

Berries Pride. Better Together!

From 1 July, Berries Pride’s address will be: 
Jogchem van der Houtweg 9, 2678 AG De Lier, The Netherlands.

For more information, please contact Eric van Arendonk, Marketing Manager
T: +31174 532 099

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