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Nature’s Pride Foundation (NPF) and Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) team up

Nature’s Pride continues to expand

At the start of the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables, as designated by the UN General Assembly, The Nature’s Pride Foundation (NPF) and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) announced a new partnership, which aims to improve health by promoting better nutrition of workers in the fruit and vegetable sector. 

The partnership involves multiple tiers. One includes translating GAIN’s Nutrition at Work Handbook into four languages and then making it publicly available. The partnership will also promote better nutrition in the fruit and vegetable sector through a series of webinars and articles. Finally, Nature’s Pride will roll out workforce nutrition programmes with growers in Peru and South Africa.

“We are delighted with this new partnership”, said Lynnette Neufeld, GAIN’s Director of Knowledge Leadership, “Fruit and vegetables are at the heart of healthy diets, and we hope that through this partnership with one of Europe’s leading fruit and veg suppliers we can raise awareness and catalyse action to improve workforce nutrition in the global fruit and vegetable sector,” she says. “The partnership with Nature’s Pride also aims to demonstrate that improving workers’ nutrition is a desirable and necessary part of any truly sustainable business.” 

Coen van Iwaarden from NPF could not agree more. ‘Right from the first conversation there was a perfect ‘click’, says Van Iwaarden. “This partnership enables us to put into practice what we believe in: contribute to a healthier world by working with expert partners such as GAIN and building on Nature’s Pride’s global network of dedicated growers. It’s very exciting to make GAIN’s excellent Nutrition at Work Handbook globally available and, at the same time, start working with it ourselves with growers in Peru and South Africa. Together we can make a big positive impact.”

Good nutrition is the foundation of health and therefore a better quality of life. Globally, 1 in 3 people suffer from at least one type of malnutrition. This significantly impacts their quality of life and poses challenges to employers in terms of lost productivity and potential.  Given that 58% of the world’s population will spend one-third of their time at work during their adult life, occupational health is a critical determinant of overall wellbeing.  

The Nutrition at Work Handbook was developed by GAIN, EatWell Global, and the Scaling Up Nutrition Business Network to capitalise on the opportunity that workforce nutrition presents: it provides guidance to employers and businesses looking to provide healthy meals and snacks to their employees, with step-by-step guidance to help employers get started.

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Nature’s Pride and Berries Pride CO2 reduction targets acknowledged by Science Based Targets Initiative

Nature’s Pride and Berries Pride CO2 reduction targets acknowledged by Science Based Targets Initiative
Photo by Nature´s Pride

Nature’s Pride and Berries Pride are the first trading companies in the fruits and vegetables sector worldwide to have their greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets validated and approved by the Science Based Targets Initiative. By having this acknowledgement, the companies show that their climate goals are in line with the level of decarbonisation required to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement and that they are taking the appropriate measures to limit global warming to 1.5°C. The Science Based Targets Initiative is a collaboration between CDP, the United Nations Global Compact (UN Global Compact), World Resources Institute (WRI) and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

In 2018 Nature’s Pride and Berries Pride did a baseline study of her CO2 emissions in order to understand where reduction measures needed to be taken. Based on this, they set measures to reduce their CO2 emissions with 1/3 by 2023. These measures are defined for their facilities, but also for transportation, more sustainable packaging and reduction of food waste. 

International network of ambitious companies

By having their targets validated by the Science Based Targets Initiative, Nature’s Pride and Berries Pride have joined a growing group of leading companies that are setting emissions reduction targets in line with what climate science says is necessary. By doing this, they want to motivate more companies in their sector to have their CO2 targets validated by the Science Based Targets Initiative. You can find more information can be found at:


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Nature’s Pride brings Apeel avocados to Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland

Nature’s Pride brings Apeel avocados to Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland © Eurofresh Distribution

© Eurofresh Distribution


Following successful results in Germany and Denmark, Apeel and Nature’s Pride will be expanding the market for Apeel avocados to the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland. This move will serve to intensify cooperation between the organisations, both of whom share the same vision of reducing food waste and enabling a more sustainable food system in Europe. 

Apeel avocados have been available nationwide for quite some time in Germany and Denmark. Measurements during the pilot phase revealed a more than 50% reduction in food waste at retail stores supplied with Apeel avocados from Nature’s Pride. The difference per trailer load is 3,900 avocados, equating to supply chain environmental savings of 640 kg CO2 and 720,000 litres of water. Nature’s Pride and Apeel are not surprised that these results have encouraged other countries to join the initiative. This week has seen the launch of pilot programs in the Netherlands with Apeel avocados being marketed under the EAT ME brand at the Hoogvliet retail chain. Pilots have also started in Norway, while three retail chains are currently in a pilot phase in Switzerland. 

“To facilitate market expansion, we are increasing our capacity to apply Apeel to produce. We are working intensively with Apeel to scale up the Apeel process so we can supply even more customers and widen the scope of our efforts to fight food waste. We are also expanding the range of Apeel-treated products. We hope to start with mangos in early 2021. In this way, we want to introduce greater numbers of consumers in Europe to our products with Apeel,” explains Adriëlle Dankier, Chief Commercial Officer of Nature’s Pride.

“We are thrilled that more and more retailers in Europe are experiencing the benefits of Apeel produce. With Apeel, retailers are dramatically reducing food waste in stores and for shoppers at home, while growing sales and helping the planet. That’s something we can only achieve with innovative partners like Nature’s Pride and we’re pleased to be expanding our footprint with them,” said James Rogers, CEO and founder of Apeel.

The plant-derived materials in the Apeel coating help to retain moisture and reduce oxidation in the fruit for an extended period. This maintains quality for longer and slows down the rate at which produce spoils. This innovative technology helps growers, suppliers and retailers improve the quality of their products and extend the shelf life. It reduces food waste in the supply chain from the grower to the shop shelf and kitchen table. 

In Europe some 88 million tons of food is wasted annually, with associated costs estimated at €143 billion. In the Netherlands, for example, households waste an average of 34.3 kilograms of solid food per person per year. For the whole of the Netherlands, this means that consumers waste 589 million kilograms of solid food per year.

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Nature’s Pride launches more sustainable avocado packaging

Nature’s Pride launches more sustainable avocado packaging © Nature’s Pride

© Nature’s Pride


In line with the firm’s plan to increase the sustainability of its packaging, Nature’s Pride is introducing 100% cardboard packaging for avocados. This packaging represents a huge step in reducing plastic usage. In addition, it consists of just a single type of material, cardboard. This means it can be fully recycled and eliminates the need for a label. 

The new avocado packaging is made of 100% recyclable, certified cardboard. By implementing this change with just the 2-packs, the company will reduce its use of plastic by 52,000 kg annually. As well as being more sustainable, the new packaging also cuts down on transport movements of the flat folded packaging: 21 fewer trailers compared with 2019. 

The design of the new avocado packaging still offers good product visibility and representation of the EAT ME brand. The pack also displays relevant information for consumers, including the nutritional values of the product. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, this aspect has become a key purchasing argument for consumers. 

The new avocado packaging will have a phased introduction at the customers. Following the trend set with the avocado packaging, Nature’s Pride will also introduce more sustainable packaging for mangos, kiwis, passion fruit and chillies in the future. Read Nature’s Pride’s complete sustainable business plan at:

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Nature’s Pride continues to expand

Nature’s Pride continues to expand


Nature’s Pride is expanding its existing business premises to facilitate further growth. The importer of exotic fruit and vegetables has scheduled the start to an expansion of 21,000 m2 for September. The company has chosen practically the same construction team responsible for the current premises to realise this sustainable and automated new build project.     

“We will enter into an agreement with four contractors: De Vries en Verburg, Climate Service Holland, Mansveld and Van Kempen Koudetechniek.  These four companies are familiar partners who also constructed our current premises. A tried and trusted partnership, that we believe will result in the joint creation of an impressive and sustainable building featuring the latest technology,” said Fred van Heyningen, CEO of Nature’s Pride.

“The rising demand for our ripened produce and the success of Apeel is driving rapid growth. The expansion will result in more space for ripening chambers and the logistics process. The warehouse facility will be automated and packing robots installed at the sorting lines. This will enable continued growth and safeguard our quality,” said Willem Verbakel, COO of Nature’s Pride.

The architecture of the premises, designed by Paul de Ruiter Architects, will reference and seamlessly match the current human-centred building. The sustainable characteristics of the building will be applied in line with recommendations from consultancy and engineering service DWA. Nature’s Pride already has a BREEAM-Excellent certificate for sustainability. The sustainability ambition is BREEAM-NL Outstanding for the expansion. For example, the new packing areas, cooling and ripening chambers will be heated and cooled sustainably. The residual heat generated by the cooling system will be utilised for low temperature heating regulated by a climate ceiling system. Solar panels will supply a significant proportion of the energy demand. Rainwater will be harvested, distributed and cleverly reused. The vegetation covered roof will convert CO2 into oxygen and filter fine particles from the air. 

Nature’s Pride expects the new premises to be operational in Q4 of 2021.

Photo: Nature´s Pride

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First pile in the ground for new build Nature’s Pride

First pile in the ground for new build Nature’s Pride - Fred van Heyningen and Adrielle Dankier © Nature’s Pride
Fred van Heyningen and Adrielle Dankier © Nature’s Pride


Maasdijk, 9 September 2020 – Nature’s Pride’s expansion has started. The official moment took place on Friday 4 September behind the current premises with all the construction team partners in attendance to watch the first pile being driven symbolically into the ground. This signals the start of Nature’s Pride’s expansion which is expected to become operational at the end of 2021.

The day before, the official moment was celebrated together with all the employees at Nature’s Pride. In an entirely ‘corona-secure’ way, the team walked to the construction site where a variety of activities were organised. Employees could inscribe their names in a number of pedestals which will be used as part of the pile driving work. This symbolises the valuable role paid by Nature’s Pride employees in supporting the entire organisation. Nature’s Pride believes that growth can only be achieved together.

Vibro piles are being used for this part of the construction process. A vibro pile is a closed off casing that is vibrated into the ground. When it has reached the right depth, the casing is filled with concrete and reinforcement and then extracted using pulling frames. This leaves behind a concrete structure that will harden in the ground.

The rising demand for the Ready-to-Eat range and the success of Apeel is driving rapid growth at Nature’s Pride. The expansion project will create more space for ripening activities and to streamline the logistics process. Advanced and extensive robotisation will also further improve the labour conditions. The warehouse will be automated and packing robots will be installed at the grading lines. Everything is focussed on creating an efficient supply chain in a sustainable environment. This will future proof the importer so it can maintain its position as a partner that combines delivery reliability with high quality produce.

All the developments relating to the new construction can be followed from now at This website posts the latest news, more information about the expansion project and introduces the construction partners.

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Nature’s Pride’ soft fruit activities to continue as ‘Berries Pride’

Nature's Pride' soft fruit activities to continue as 'Berries Pride'
© Image: Nature’s Pride /// PRESS RELEASE


In recent years, Nature’s Pride has developed into an important player in the soft fruit market. With a dedicated team of product specialists, they know how to provide many customers in Northern Europe with a broad assortment, including soft fruit, every day. To perfect the conditions for berries, they will start a new business from July 1st (2020) in a new location, under the name of Berries Pride. Nature’s Pride predicts a strong future for the soft fruit category. Although they are proud of the share owned in this category together with their partners, they can also see even more potential. The launch of Berries Pride will enable them to give to berries their full attention, thanks to a team that has knowledge and expertise about their products and the chain.

Their aim is to be a leading soft fruit supplier by supplying the highest quality soft fruit to the Northern European retail market year-round. They can only achieve this through sustainable business relationships. This is why they will focus on transparency, share as much data as possible and promote joint entrepreneurship. In addition, their berry experts are moving to a location in De Lier on July 1st. They expect all this to lead to a strong and efficient chain, in which the potential of the category is optimally utilised.

Berries Pride. Better Together!

From 1 July, Berries Pride’s address will be: 
Jogchem van der Houtweg 9, 2678 AG De Lier, The Netherlands.

For more information, please contact Eric van Arendonk, Marketing Manager
T: +31174 532 099

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Nature’s Pride increases commitment to responsible water use

Nature’s Pride increases commitment to responsible water use

As part of its ongoing efforts in the field of responsible water use, Nature’s Pride announces it has successfully piloted GLOBALG.A.P.’s water add-on audit SPRING. Six strategic growers from Nature’s Pride in Peru and Chile achieved SPRING certification, thereby independently confirming the legality of water sources, best practices and continuous improvement in on-farm water management.

‘I’m very proud that the SPRING pilot independently confirms that Nature’s Pride’s dedicated growers in Peru and Chile have excellent on-farm water management practices,’ said Adriëlle Dankier, CEO of Nature’s Pride.  

SPRING stands for ‘Sustainable Programme for Irrigation and Groundwater Use’ and is GLOBALG.A.P.’s new water add-on audit. Early 2019, Nature’s Pride agreed with GLOBALG.A.P. to test SPRING with strategic growers in Peru and Chile. The past six months certification bodies and growers have been trained in the new standard and in August and September, 25 fields with various crops were audited. All growers passed the audit and are among the first in the world to achieve GLOBALG.A.P. SPRING certification. 

Around two years ago Nature’s Pride took a proactive role and started work to better understand how water is managed in its value chain and where the company can improve. The Water Policy of Nature’s Pride summarizes this journey and outlines long-term objectives and hands-on actions. The company started mapping water risk in its value chain, initiated collaborations with expert organizations, and initiated action on the ground of which the SPRING pilot is a notable example.

The SPRING pilot is part of a wider commitment from Nature’s Pride to responsible water use which includes action on various levels: procurement practices, sector engagement and collective action in priority catchments. 

‘It’s in our nature to put people and the environment at the heart of our operations,’ said Adriëlle Dankier. ‘Water is one of the most precious natural resources and we need to protect it for future generations. We will roll-out SPRING to other growers and will continue to engage with key stakeholders in our value chain to promote responsible water use in our sector together.’ 

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Apeel & Nature’s Pride debut longer-lasting produce to fight food waste in Europe

Apeel & Nature’s Pride debut longer-lasting produce to fight food waste in Europe


Apeel Sciences, a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, and Nature’s Pride, a leading supplier of produce in Europe with a focus on innovation and sustainability, have announced that Apeel avocados are now on store shelves in Europe. As Apeel’s supply partner in Europe, Nature’s Pride has integrated the Apeel solution across its expansive avocado value chain to bring Apeel avocados to EDEKA and Netto in Germany, and Salling Group stores Føtex and Bilka in Denmark.

“Approval of Apeel’s technology in Europe demonstrates the European Commission’s commitment to addressing our planet’s massive food waste crisis, which is now understood to be a top contributor to climate change,” said James Rogers, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Apeel Sciences. “Our US partners are realising the value of Apeel and are halving their food waste in many cases. Our next critical step is assisting retailers across Europe in their efforts to reduce waste, while simultaneously improving profits and enabling customers to enjoy fresh, high quality produce with a longer shelf life and ripe time.” 

“Every day we work across the entire chain to create innovative solutions that will make the world healthier and more sustainable. Apeel allows us to significantly reduce food waste, so we are extremely proud that the result of our intensive cooperation has now reached the shelves. We look forward to reaching more consumers in Europe with our products with Apeel,” said Adriëlle Dankier, Chief Commercial Officer of Nature’s Pride.

“Food waste is a major challenge that puts a strain on the environment. This is why this is a high priority area in Salling Group and we are investing in solutions and initiatives to ensure that we reach our goal: a 50% reduction in food waste leading up to 2030. We are certain that Apeel can help make a difference, not only for us, but also for customers and households. Therefore, we look forward to introducing the solution in Denmark,” said Stephan Bruhn, director at Salling Group.

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Nature’s Pride successfully undertake responsible water project 

Nature’s Pride continues to expand


Dutch fruit and vegetable specialist Nature’s Pride has undertaken a successful water-saving project in Peru and Chile. The initiative is part of a piloting of GlobalG.A.P.’s water add-on audit, SPRING, and highlights the company’s commitment to responsible water use. In order to obtain SPRING certification, it is necessary to demonstrate legality of water sources, best practices and continuous improvement in on-farm water management, as it has at six of its producer partners in the South American countries.

Nature’s Pride’s chief commercial officer, Adriëlle Dinkier, said. “It’s in our nature to put people and the environment at the heart of our operations. Water is one of the most precious natural resources and we need to protect it for future generations. We will roll out SPRING to other growers and will continue to engage with key stakeholders in our value chain to promote responsible water use in our sector together.”