Mega-lifestyle specialty store “City’Super” opens in Hong Kong 

Tue 21/01/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Mega-lifestyle specialty store “City’Super” opens in Hong Kong 

City’Super is a mega-lifestyle specialty store. In 2010, the first City’Super store opened in Shanghai Pudong, and is dedicated to catering to people who enjoy the finer things in life. An extraordinary ‘Super Life’ experience can only be delivered through the best merchandise, most comfortable environment and most professional services. The iconic glass kitchen (Super Life culture club) provides customers with colourful personal experiences to improve the quality of life by offering them a series of cooking sessions and regular life interaction courses.


At City’Super, there are variety of fine wines and seasonal offerings, from Italian pasta to European oyster. Moreover, the experiencing service will certainly appeal to premium customers: creative recipes, video demonstrations, food tasting, package & delivery service, etc. Currently, City’Super has four stores in the Shanghai CBD area: IFC, Times Square, iapm and Swire House.

Premium services and products target high-class Chinese customers

Sales revenue has grown steadily at 15-20% each year. In the iconic Swire House in the downtown area, City’Super has opened a new store to serve its deluxe customers.

On May 30, 2019, the China’s General Administration of Customs allowed the import of frozen durian from Malaysia. City’Super has studied customer behaviour and finds that customers become extreme loyal to Durian Raja Kunyit after tasting it. By providing free in-store tastings of unfrozen durian, City’Super is a pioneer and has achieved great success. As of now, Durian Raja Kunyit is the number-one bestseller in shops.

Besides of durian imports, hydroponic salad is another success story for organics. City’Super has created a hydroponic plant farm showcase to illustrate the real planting scenarios. The interactive visual merchandise proactively promotes organic vegetable sales.

Seasonal promotions, such as the winter strawberry, encourage sales of many products, such as the HongYan, ZhangJi, SuiZhu, and Black Pearl varieties of red strawberry, and the Light Snow and Peach Smoked varieties of white strawberry. City’Super holds events for professionals and media with its different food partners. For instance, its partnership with Korean Muscat has created a great buzz on the market, and will be a regular marketing strategy in the future.

15 years advocating sustainability

With about 40% of the retailer’s vegetables being organic, City’Super’s customers are encouraged to be eco-friendly not on with the products they buy but also with the packaging, labelling and delivery. City’Super’s mission is to promote green living, with initiatives such as projects with the MSC Marine Committee and “Farm Delivery”.

City’Super’s vision: green, healthy and tasty

To target customers who enjoy the quality life, City’Super has begun high-quality gourmet and catering, to provide an innovative shopping experience by allowing customers to taste world-class cuisine and wine, learn about the multicultural stories behind the products, and experience cooking together.

WELL ™ Building award winner 

In January 2019, the firm’s Swire House store won first prize in the WELL Building Standard ™ (WELL ™) Golden award for the global retail industry. This honour was awarded by the International Well Building Institute ™ (IWBI ™). Supported by solid scientific and technical research, WELL helps professionals in the fields of architecture, engineering, design, and construction around the world to prioritise health when creating spaces for working, living, learning, and leisure. Jiahua Wu, president of City Super Group, said, “To win the WELL award is a great achievement; we were dedicated to green living through seven dimensions: air, water, light, nutrition, fitness, comfort and spirit. To ensure a joyful shopping experience, our team imports products from producers and displays them in our well-designed indoor shop.”

City’Super is looking for the most suitable locations to open new stores, considering community position, real-estate brand, facilities and parking. City’Super continues to expand its network of international suppliers, deepen its international procurement systems, and pursue the utmost levels of quality.  In addition, City’Super is currently developing in the area of ​​Shanghai and plans to develop new brands for food products.

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