Marimbella®, a new extra-early strawberry for the Mediterranean region

Mon 27/06/2022 by Gloria Zorrilla
Carmela Suriano, head of EMEA for Nova Siri Genetics

Nova Siri Genetics has recently patented a new variety: NSG 203 Marimbella®, ideal for winter cultivation and highly valued by strawberry growers in the Mediterranean region for its exceptionally early harvest period and sturdy plants. “Our new extra-early variety is NSG 203 Marimbella®,” said Carmela Suriano, head of EMEA for Nova Siri Genetics. “It also produces fruit in winter months when the weather conditions are not particularly favourable, even in sub-zero temperatures. Our aim is to provide producers with complementary varieties that can guarantee strawberry production from November to June.” Alongside the Marimbella®, the firm also supplies Melissa, Rossetta and Gioelita. “These are fruits with an excellent Brix degree, an aromatic flesh and a red-orange colouring. The producers are the ones who choose based on their specific market needs.”

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