Taste the difference with Moldova’s premium apricots, cherries and plums

Moldovan stone fruit producers are setting their sights on export markets in Europe and the Middle East for the 2022 marketing season.
Mon 27/06/2022 by by Pierre Escodo
© Moldova Fruct
© Moldova Fruct
© Moldova Fruct

In recent years, Moldovan farmers have invested heavily in highly intensive stone fruit production. The country already ranks among the top 20 apricot and sweet cherry exporters, and more highly intensive orchards are coming online each year. Moldova also ranks among the top 10 plum exporters by volume, with double-digit export growth in recent years.

Promising outlook for 2022 season

Production volumes are expected to be on a par with 2021 levels. Although not all of the potential weather risks have passed, the new marketing season looks very promising. The projected export volumes for 2022 are 15,000 tons of first-class apricots, 14,000 tons of sweet cherries, and 110,000 tons of plums. The current geopolitical situation has prompted producers to focus on the EU as the main target market (particularly Central and Western European countries), and they have actively started exploring alternative destinations such as the Middle East and Asia. Finally, producers are offering a broader variety of packaging options to suit buyer needs. In addition to producing higher quantities for export, Moldovan growers have also enhanced the quality and safety of their produce. The country has more GLOBALG.A.P.-certified producers and exporters than any other former Soviet state, while GRASP- and SMETA-certified producers are also increasing in number.  

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