Large European peach and nectarine crop in 2019/20

Tue 24/09/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Large European peach and nectarine crop in 2019/20

Favourable weather conditions in most production countries mean that the EU’s peach and nectarine production is estimated to rise in 2019/20. According to FAS Post data, volumes are up 6.6% to 4.1 million tons countries. EU stone fruit exports continue to decline in the face of the continued Russian embargo imposed in 2014 on exports of food and agricultural products. The area planted is expected to remain stable at around 222,900 ha. EU Consumption of fresh peaches and nectarines is estimated to be up 6% to 3.2 million tons due to higher supply and high temperatures. Peaches and nectarines for processing should rise to 710,000 tons in line with the increased supply.

While EU imports of peaches and nectarines rose in 2018/19 by 28% to 34,855 tons (US$86 million), they are expected to fall in 2019/20 due to the bumper crop. The leading suppliers of peaches and nectarines to the EU are Chile, South Africa, Turkey and Morocco.

As for its exports, the main destinations for EU peaches and nectarines are Belarus, Switzerland and the Ukraine.

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