Kiwi specialist Fruitgrowing Quality joins CVVP 

Mon 30/12/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Disease threatens Italian kiwi

The Company of Protected Plant Varieties A.I.E (CVVP) has a new partner: Fruitgrowing Quality, an entity with extensive experience in cultivation and horticultural techniques, especially in the production and global trade of kiwi. The new member will bring two new varieties of kiwi: red flesh and yellow flesh, to be marketed under the KIBI Gold and Red KIBI brands. Joaquín Rey, marketing and operations manager of the Fruitgrowing Quality SL Group, which holds the license to market these varieties of kiwi in Spain and Portugal, has entrusted their management to CVVP. Fruitgrowing Quality is currently working together with CVVP to create a sales consortium to market KIBI kiwifruit. These new varieties of red and yellow kiwi will be presented at Fruit Attraction, along with the other varieties that the company manages.

CVVP is a non-profit economic interest group, specialised in the integral management of plant varieties. This new addition expands the spectrum of varieties managed by CVVP, demonstrating that its trajectory, which had previously focused on citrus fruits, has also earned it the trust of companies that work with other products.

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