Joint venture between IG and Engin Tarim creates Asia’s largest apple consortium 

Thu 21/04/2022 by Richard Wilkinson
Tarun Arora, IG director.
Tarun Arora, IG director

Indian importer IG International and Turkish apple producer Engin Tarim are to set up a joint venture called IG-EnginTarim. The partnership aims to produce five new apple varieties over the next three years.

Explaining the motivation for the merger, a statement by IG said: 

“A production capability of 55,000 tons of first-rate apples and a depot that can stock 17,800 tons of apples coupled with novel protective cultivation methods has earned the brand a GlobalGAP and Good Agriculture Certification. We are extremely delighted to join hands with Engin Tarim.”

Tarun Arora, IG director, said:

“Apples are one of the world’s most consumed fruits. At IG International, we’ve been able to curate and upkeep a community of apple aficionados who’ve loved the IG apple range over the years. This partnership will bring scalable production, expertise, network and quality assurance to all our customers. The IG-EnginTarim will be the new abode for the juiciest top-notch apples in India.”

Seyda Ertug, chairman of Engin Tarim, said: 

“With the establishment of this one-of-a-kind joint venture in India, the cooperation between these companies that love agriculture has become official. While these two leading companies continue to deliver quality and freshness in the industry, innovative and revolutionary projects will come with the combination of each firm’s knowledge and development. We believe that this new partnership will bring a fresh breath to the global fruit and vegetable industry and, hopefully, serve as an inspiration to many others.”

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