JD holds second agricultural festival

Thu 21/09/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

Chinese e-commerce platform held the 2nd Harvest Carnival and Shopping Festival of Agricultural Specialties to promote domestic products including fruit and vegetables, in an event that kicked off on 1 September.

The Chinese e-commerce giant invested Rmb1bn (US$137m) in the festival as part of an effort to connect consumers with farm-fresh goods from over 2,000 industrial belt zones across China, all while ensuring rapid delivery and optimal freshness. 

Leveraging its digitally intelligent supply chain, JD.com directly sourced premium agricultural specialties from their source regions. By eliminating middlemen, the company said it is able to guarantee delivery to consumers’ homes within 72 hours. JD.com also offered a money-back guarantee for any damaged produce, to improve consumer experience.

During the festival, JD.com employed a multi-faceted approach that includes direct subsidies and targeted traffic promotions to feature local specialties to nationwide consumers, such as corn from Northeast China and pears from Laiyang. The aim of these efforts is not only to enrich the customer experience but also to increase revenue for local farmers significantly.

To further promote agricultural specialties, the festival featured 2,000 live streaming events where influencers will guide viewers through the cultivation and harvesting processes, offering a farm-to-table experience.


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