Weather undermines Argentina’s citrus campaign

Thu 21/09/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

The latest estimate for Argentina’s 2022/23 lemon crop is 1.65 million tons, down 6.5% from the official USDA estimate due to continued adverse weather and poor economic conditions, especially for smaller producers. Fresh orange production is estimated at 623,000 tons, down 177,000 tons from official USDA estimates, and fresh tangerine production is estimated at 285,000 tons, down 95,000 tons. As a result of lower production, lemon exports are expected to fall to 200,000 tons. This is a decline of 8 percent from official USDA estimates. Sweet citrus exports are also expected to fall, with fresh orange exports forecast at 55,000 tons, a decrease of 8 percent, and tangerine exports forecast at 30,000 tons, a decrease of 47 percent from official USDA estimates. 



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