IG International brings finest quality farm-fresh fruits to consumers

Wed 22/07/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
IG International brings finest quality farm-fresh fruits to consumers © IG INTERNATIONAL

Renowned fresh fruits importer IG International Pvt. Ltd. is now a part of the global blueberry sector, in partnership with MBO & Mano Babiolakis. Working with an Australian team, IG International has set up a large blueberry production area in India, the first of its kind for IG in India.

The venture began in 2017 and was motivated by a desire to produce the finest blueberries for Indian consumers on Indian soil. This is likely to revolutionise the global blueberry trade.

From the Indian perspective, this is the first large-scale blueberry project. IG International encountered some typical difficulties with climatic conditions before being able to successfully harvest blueberries in India thanks to persistent hard work.

IG International gains strategic advantages by producing blueberries in India

In India, the blueberry harvest spans from February to May. The window is in a strategic position to derive maximum value from markets across the world. During this phase, Chile’s yearly harvest season finishes, while the Northern Hemisphere season is just commencing. So, there are not many blueberries anywhere in the world during this window, which makes IG International’s Indian project a potentially lucrative one.


Blueberries are exceedingly good for public health

IG International is recognised for the quality of its blueberries, which are sold under the IG Berries brand. In India, IG International is planning to harvest 20mm blueberries that will be crunchy and sweet.

Blueberries offer a range of benefits for public health, including aiding with the management of diabetes and UTIs. Similarly, blueberries are good for cardiovascular health. They help prevent cardiac disorders, keep the heart healthy, safeguard against cholesterol, and help manage hypertension. Blueberries are also associated with a reduction in muscle damage.

This is why nutritionists across the world label blueberries as a superfood and the king of antioxidant foods.

Despite being low in calories, blueberries have a high nutritional value. This is one of the key underlying factors behind the meteorological rise in the production and consumption of blueberries over the past few decades, particularly among people residing in urban areas.

Blueberries produced by IG International are high-quality products

In a press conference, Tarun Arora, IGIPL director, vouched for the viability, quality, and pricing of the blueberries produced by IGIPL. This makes them highly lucrative for Indian and international consumers. Arora went on to state that this venture should secure IG International’s position among Asia’s top-five berry producers by 2024.

IG International’s blueberry production has certain unique features. Its produce procurement spans 22 countries, and the company has a handling capacity for 32 varieties. This empowers IG International to deliver natural produce to people with varied preferences in the Indian market.

About IG International Pvt Ltd. (IGIPL)

IG International is among the top importers of food produce across the world. The company is dedicated to ensuring that consumers get access to high-quality products. IG International is a group of 14 companies with 50 years of experience behind them, supplying the best-quality fresh produce. Importing fresh produce is the firm’s core activity.

The company initiated its activities in India in 2000, when its chairman, Gian Chand Arora, first imported fruit containers from Australia. From that point on, it began investing in infrastructure.

IGIPL is now a leader in imported fresh fruits. IGIPL handles fresh fruits in volumes of 3500 – 4000 sq foot3 refrigerated containers. The produce comes from 22 countries from all across the globe. 28 wholesale outlets from all across India manage the distribution of goods.

Over 5 decades of experience in the industry has made IGIPL among the top distributors and marketers of the best quality and nutritious fresh fruits across the country. Consumers and industry players now associate the IG brand with reliability, freshness, and product quality.

Beyond imports, the other activities in IGIPL’s portfolio are temperature-controlled warehousing and third-party logistics. IGIPL currently has a capacity of 40,000 tons, with facilities in Amravati, Theog, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai. Its fleet comprises 50 refrigerated trailers and 50 refrigerated trucks. Each of the trailers has 40’ reefer containers.

IG International announces launch of eCommerce platform

IG International has now come up with a dedicated eCommerce platform that makes it easier for consumers and merchants to get access to fresh fruit produce. They can place orders online and the goods are delivered right to their doorstep. Although the idea of taking business online has been in the pipeline for some time now at IG International, it came to fruition during the recent lockdown.

Inter-state transportation became a difficulty during lockdown, as state borders were sealed. This led to cases where people had to make do with the groceries available in local grocery shops and from vendors. Access to nutritious foods and dairy products was still there, but the choices were limited. Even eCommerce deliveries were restricted to essential goods for a while to keep a check on the spread of COVID-19.

IG International has entered the eCommerce arena at this stage to simplify shopping for consumers, and make sure that they find access to the most nutritious foods. This empowers consumers to shop at any time that suits them from the comfort of their homes over their PCs. They can also comfortably shop on the go, over their smartphones or using other mobile devices. IG International has come up with a responsive website that can be easily accessed over mobile devices and ensures the best possible end-user experience. The quality and freshness of products sold by IG international online or directly to vendors and consumers is always guaranteed to be the best.

IG International’s services are preferred because the firm supplies the finest varieties of fresh fruits. Families can get the best fresh fruits to match their tastes. IG International takes pride in its endeavour to keep the community fit and healthy. Consumers and merchants alike prefer to shop at IG International’s online store because the website is easy to use, the menus and navigation are well defined, and they can complete purchases in three simple steps. IG International accepts several payment modes including net-banking, debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal.

Shopping at the IG International web mall is simple for consumers and merchants, who can find the best prices for all products. The products are nicely illustrated using photographs, so consumers can gauge their quality. IG International believes that going online will empower consumers to get easy access to fresh produce, particularly in times of lockdown. Consumers can hence comfortably access the products without going to the market. This promotes social distancing, which is one of the effective measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

High nutrition products made available at IG International’s website

IG International firmly believes that keeping the immune system strong is the best safeguard against COVID-19. Everyone should keep an additional tab on their family’s diet at such times. Fresh fruits and vegetables are among the best ways to get a strong immune system.

Seasonal varieties of fruits are constantly and IG international makes the best seasonal produce available on its website. Citrus fruits are among the finest ways of boosting the immune system. They also make recovery quicker when one is afflicted by colds or flu. IG International believes that getting vitamin C from one’s diet by consuming fresh fruits is better than getting the same from supplements because fresh fruits provide holistic nutrition. Vitamin C boosts one’s immunity by enhancing the production of white blood cells, which helps fight infections. All citrus fruits are high in vitamin C, such as limes, lemons, and oranges. Moreover, varieties of fruits which are usually difficult to find such as kiwis are easily available at IG International’s website.

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