IFS – sustainability and food safety go hand in hand

Fri 04/11/2022 by Amanda Cardinal
IFS ESG Check is a programme that helps SMEs determine their sustainability status.

Berlin-based International Featured Standards (IFS) is a certifier that assesses companies’ existing processes through a risk-based approach. It has recently launched the IFS ESG Check, a programme that helps SMEs determine their current status in terms of the ESG (environmental, social and governance) sustainability criteria. “I think the IFS ESG Check provides the impetus to show that food safety and sustainability are interlinked. They are two sides of the same coin. If sustainability is affected, you can also expect food security to be compromised. In addition, the European Union has been preparing regulations to address various sustainability issues related to the environment, such as carbon footprint measurement,” said Helga Barrios Vidal, head of sustainability and manager of IFS HPC.

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