Gurukrupa, a prominent Indian fruit exporter and importer

Thu 25/04/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Gurukrupa, a prominent Indian fruit exporter and importer

Gurukrupa Corporation (GKC) is an Indian fruit producer and exporter. The company was established 14 years ago in the Mumbai region.

“Our farmers grow grapes, mangos, pomegranates, and other fruits,” said Neil Pednekar, the company’s manager. “We offer a large choice of produce, including value-added ones such as pomegranate seeds packed in vacuum and ready-to-eat mango.  We carefully survey the quality of our fruit; our produce is sourced from GlobalGAP certified farms and our pack-house are HACCP certified; this has allowed our brands, GKC and GoFresh!, to gain recognition. Thanks to our brand promotion, our sales have grown by 20% during the last three years.”

The main destinations for GKC’s products are the US, New Zealand and Australia (for mango), Russia (for grapes), the Far East and Europe (for pomegranate seeds) and South-East Asia. Gurukrupa Corporation is also engaged in the import of apples, avocados and dragon fruit from New Zealand, the US, China and Vietnam.

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