Grand Fruit teams up with high-end fruit brands

The Shanghai importer is cooperating with Bollo to build China’s most high-end brand of citrus.
Mon 31/10/2022 by Gwen King
Grand Fruit is the exclusive agent of Bollo’s Spanish oranges in China.

One of the first importers and distributors of US and Chilean cherries in China, Grand Fruit has steadily expanded its territory and developed into a well-known supplier of all types of fruit. Grand Fruit imports and exports worldwide and has built solid cooperations with major brands.

Bollo succeeds in China

Bollo’s Spanish orange is generating great results. In 2019, Grand Fruit became the exclusive agent of Bollo in China. In September 2020, the company became the exclusive importer of Bollo’s Brazilian melon, the first fresh fruit ever to be exported from Brazil to China. Later, the cooperation was extended to include citrus, Gannan orange, nuts and other products. Grand Fruit and Bollo are now working to build the most high-end citrus brand in China.

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