Hoogstraten, closer to consumers through berries

<strong>Hoogstraten, </strong>closer to consumers through berries
The major European berry organisation reported a record turnover of €302 million in 2021, of which 44% derived from sales of strawberries (32,000 tons), which were followed by tomatoes (nearly 100,000 tons) and peppers (25,000 tons), with the remaining 5% relating to other berries. However, unlike last year, this season has been disrupted […]
Sun 16/10/2022 by Pierre Escodo

Grupo AGF celebrates 20 years of Sandía Fashion brand

Grupo AGF celebrates <strong>20 years of Sandía Fashion brand</strong>
With 20 years on the market, the AGF Group has achieved its goal of “consolidating a consumer brand created for producers,” which today brings together 16 companies from various parts of Spain. Joaquin Hidalgo, general coordinator of the AGF Group, estimates today’s watermelon […]
Mon 23/05/2022 by Belén Barbini

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