Good Moroccan melon crop expected

Wed 22/05/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Good Moroccan melon crop expected

Morocco’s 2019 melon crop is expected to be large and with good quality, despite a slight dip in surface area in Dakhla and late plantations, according to Medfel data. The harvest in this region is from late February to late April. Meanwhile, in Marrakech, the surfaces are stable but the proportion of crops grown in greenhouses is increasing at the expense of full field. Unlike last year, no delays are expected, with the first greenhouse crops around March 20th.

Planting in greenhouses took place in December, and exceptionally sunny and hot conditions continued up to March 25, when hail damage struck at the start of harvest. In the open field, planting took place in the first half of January, during a rather cold week. Very favourable growing conditions persisted until March 25, when heavy rains struck. Medium loads and large calibre have been obtained. The early harvest of Charentais yellow began on April 10, and the harvesting of Charentais green got underway on April 15-20.

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