Globalscan 7 with Viotec, the most advanced citrus sorting solution

Maf Roda continues to enjoy a leadership position with its citrus sorting technology.
Thu 03/11/2022 by Pierre Escodo
New sorting line at Fruitinter with Globalscan 7 and Viotec

Globalscan 7 with Viotec, Maf Roda’s flagship agrobotic system, uses the most advanced multispectral technology to analyse the external quality and softness of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, thus improving profitability, reducing fruit waste and helping the sector achieve greater sustainability.

The Maf Roda Group has recently opened a subsidiary in Peru, the 16th of the group, which reinforces its presence and commitment to this market.

Meanwhile, Maf Roda has also developed a monitoring system to help with maintenance, alarms and stoppages. The system automatically provides data on critical points in the line to improve performance and support decision making.

Cherryway IV named Product of the Year 2022

Maf Roda has also continued to enhance its range of patented calibration and sorting systems for cherries with the new Cherryscan G7 and Cherryway IV, the latter of which was named “Product of the Year” by El Suplemento. Launched last year, these exciting innovations have raised great expectations and Maf Roda is now introducing these solutions successfully to the lines of many exporters across the world.

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