GLOBALG.A.P. Solutions – User-Friendly App Available Now

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Wed 26/08/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
GLOBALG.A.P. Solutions – User-Friendly App Available Now

Cologne, Germany (17 August 2020) – GLOBALG.A.P. announces the launch of their new app GLOBALG.A.P. Solutions. It has been available to download from app stores since 24 July. The app, available for both Android and IOS devices, showcases the products and services that GLOBALG.A.P. has to offer. GLOBALG.A.P. Solutions is available in English and Spanish.

The new app represents a user-friendly version of the website, which was launched by the company in 2019. Users can now access information on products and services from the GLOBALG.A.P. Solutions website in an app format. The app displays information on key figures, the company’s core values and main objectives, as well as information on the GLOBALG.A.P. certification process.

The app sends up-to-date push notifications. These notifications inform users about upcoming events and recent updates to standards.

GLOBALG.A.P. CEO Kristian Moeller says “We are very happy that our app is now available in all app stores. The new app presents complex information about GLOBALG.A.P. in a user-friendly and simple way.”

The app offers information on how to become a part of the GLOBALG.A.P. network.

Potential members can find out about the membership application process, or third-party certification bodies can make contact and take the first steps to becoming an independent, GLOBALG.A.P. approved certification body. In a new feature coming soon, consultants will be able to apply and register as GLOBALG.A.P. licensed Farm Assurers.

Further features in the app include a calendar section which informs users about upcoming (virtual) events and trade fairs. Users can view event information and register online. In the app’s media gallery, GLOBALG.A.P. shares pictures and videos of past events. Explanatory videos on GLOBALG.A.P. certification are found there.

You can download the GLOBALG.A.P. Solutions app in your app store:

Click here for Apple

Click here for Android

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