Garlic and onion, two superfood staples

While the two foods are full of nutritional properties and considered “natural medicines”, their greatest contributions are gastronomic as they can enhance every traditional recipe.
Tue 08/11/2022 by Amanda Cardinal
Jackie Osterhuis (marketing and communications department at Waterman), Jan Vandenabeele (accounts manager at Roussel Onions), and Bert Van Gelder (senior accounts manager at Sawari)
Monica Cortés, head of quality at Hortiporrinas

Hortiporrinas, healthy spring onions

The company from Spain’s Manchego region was created by 3 brothers with a passion for growing spring onions. Mónica Cortés, head of quality, said: “We process our onions by hand. They are harvested in May in bunches of 25 units, then taken to the warehouse and washed. We cut off the roots and the outer layers to leave the onions white to make them look cleaner, which customers prefer. The stems must be very green, firm and crisp. The onions are packaged in bunches of 3 units, and in 24 hours, they go from field to table.” Hortiporrinas views spring onions as healthy products and is dedicating more acreage to certified organic production.

Roussel Onions, part of new Faia brand

Last year, four different companies were officially united under the brand Faia, even though some of them have been working together for over 20 years: Sawari fresh with ginger and garlic; Biesheuvel with garlic; Roussel Onions, which cuts and processes onions; and Waterman with unpeeled onions. Roussel Onions has, in fact, been buying its onions from Waterman for over 25 years. “We have joined forces to enable us to offer the market added convenience,” said Roussel Onions accounts manager Jan Vandenabeele. Retailers are demanding more convenience products, as has the food service sector, which purchases these products in large formats such as 10kg packages. The same products will be offered to retailers in smaller packages.

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