Fruits Sant Miquel supplies fruit throughout Spanish season

Fri 30/09/2022 by Gloria Zorrilla
Members of the Fruits Sant Miquel team, including Ursino and Carlos Lozano (third and second from the right)

Fruits Sant Miquel and its La Coma brand benefit from the Lozano Jiménez family’s 40 years of experience in the sector. The firm grows stone fruit in Lleida (Catalonia) and the Ebro Valley (the heart of this family business), as well as other parts of Spain. Its portfolio includes nectarines, peaches, flat peaches and apricots, in addition to pome fruits. The firm prioritises quality, flavour and a commitment to producers in its offering of stone fruit throughout the Spanish campaign. Spain and wider Europe are the markets for the produce of Fruits Sant Miquel, which was one of the first Catalan companies to export stone fruit to Europe.

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