La Costiera sees rising demand for organic lemons

Sat 01/10/2022 by Gloria Zorrilla
La Costiera has become a leader in the production and sale of Italian citrus fruit.

Organics are not just a passing fad. Consumers demand more fresh organic produce every day and more citrus. La Costiera, which specialises in the production and sale of citrus fruit, was born out of a project with its roots in the beautiful Sorrento of the sixties. The Vinaccia family, who head the business, come from Sorrento. It all began as a small family-run business aiming to promote and sell one of Italy’s best fruits, the Lemon of Sorrento, which has now become a PGI product. In addition to Sorrento lemons, the firm also produces and sells citrons, bergamot, Messina PGI lemons and other varieties. La Costiera produces 250 tons per day of lemons and 100 tons per day of oranges.

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