FMCG market in Russia overcomes consolidation stage

Mon 26/04/2021 by Richard Wilkinson
FMCG market in Russia overcomes consolidation stage

During the 2020, the stores number of TOP-200 FMCG retail brands has grown by 4,200 and kept growing in 2021, reaching 75,200. At the same time, the net area increment slumped down by 45.5 %, which is the worse result during last decade. All the same, the share of top-200 brands exceeded 50% of the trade turnover, which is another record for Russian food market.

Thus, the process of consolidating of the industry giants moves on; federal retailers have been penetrating into remote regions, squeezing out local players. Thus, Intertorg Company from St. Petersburg and Holiday Company from Siberia went bankrupt rather suddenly, although they entered into top-10 largest retailers list.

Currently, X5 Group, Magnit and Krasnoye & Beloye (Red & White) remain the leaders of the food market. It is remarkable that the latter climbed the podium just five years ago, opening several thousand stores yearly and merging with Dixy brand.

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