First shipment of Chilean cherries land successfully in China

Tue 24/10/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

Chilean cherries arrived in China early this year, as harvesting was brought forward 11 days compared to last season. Juan Latife Muse, regional manager China and South East of Garces Frut, said that they are very happy with the arrival of the fruit and the good reception.

“The Shanghai market is full of people waiting to see this first shipment, and that is a very good sign for this season that we are starting. The cherries we sent were harvested last Friday in Ovalle, for us it is essential to arrive with an excellent quality cherry because the Chinese market is very demanding,” he said.

The first shipment of the 2023-24 season arrived by air in Shanghai on Monday, October 16, and was in the Shanghai market on Tuesday, October 17.


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