First Californian avocados land in China

Mission Produce and Mr. Avocado have sent the first-ever shipment of avocados to China from California.
Mon 22/03/2021 by Richard Wilkinson
First Californian avocados land in China © Mission Produce

The market access was granted for avocados from California following years of negotiation and planning between the California Avocado Commission, the USDA and the government of China.

Steve Barnard, CEO and founder of Mission Produce, said:

“Mission was the first  to send avocados to China from Peru, Chile and Colombia – and now we’re the first to send from California. Our goal is to provide a year-round supply of the world’s finest avocados, and now we’re doing so with more volumes and availability than before.”

John Wang, CEO of Mr. Avocado, said: “Sourcing from the premium source of California will open more opportunity for Chinese retailers to capitalise on the lucrative and healthy avocado. California avocados are  high  quality in late  winter to early spring, which hits the market in perfect time to allow consumers the ability to enjoy a great tasting piece of fruit year round.”

Transit time from California to China takes 14-16 days by sea. California avocados in China are expected to be available at Ole, Rainbow Supermarket, Aldi China,, Seven Fresh and Pagoda stores.

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