FairPrice combats food waste

Thu 22/10/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
FairPrice combats food waste © ALPHONSUS CHERN (Source: The Straits Times)

Singapore retailer NTUC FairPrice is working to reduce its packaging waste while maintaining food safety and quality in preparation for new packaging requirements. According to a report by Eco-Business, FairPrice Group, which includes NTUC FairPrice, has established a dedicated team to liaise with suppliers as it gets ready for the mandatory packaging reporting that will begin in Singapore next year. The reporting required by Singapore’s National Environment Agency is the start of a process towards establishing extended producer responsibility framework for packaging waste in Singapore by 2025. This would force companies to become more accountable for the packaging they produce.

Seah Kian Peng, chief executive of FairPrice Group, said addressing the problem of packaging waste has multiple benefits: “Tackling packaging waste earlier in the production process is a beneficial approach since it also helps the company to potentially save costs. We are constantly on the lookout to explore ways to reduce packaging waste while ensuring product safety and quality. A variety of packaging including cling wrap, foam nets, trays, and bags is used to ensure consistency, minimise damage and preserve the quality of the product, particularly for fresh produce such as leafy vegetables and corn. This means that we are able to prevent food wastage by lengthening the shelf life of this fresh produce.”

Source:  The Straits Times

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