Explum, committed to sustainability environment

Wed 25/05/2022 by Gloria Zorrilla
Blossoming fruit trees in orchards in Extremadura. Copyight: Explum

Located in the town of Valdelacalazada (Extremadura), the cooperative produces about 10,000 tons of stone fruit from June to October. While its main product is the plum, the firm also produces nectarines, peaches and flat peaches.

Our values are what make us always seek to reach the next level in sustainability as we understand it’s vital that everyone benefits from our work. This means economic sustainability, social sustainability and environmental sustainability,” said CEO José Aurelio García. Around 60% of production is exported directly, while a further 20% is exported via indirect channels, and the remainder is destined for the domestic market.

While we mainly export to Europe, we also have overseas markets in Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and Canada,” said García.

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