EU tomato production continues to fall

Mon 24/08/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
EU tomato production continues to fall

The EU’s 2020 tomato crop is forecast to drop 7%, as Spanish growers switch to producing more profitable vegetables. Polish tomato production is on the rise, however, following an increase in investments in glasshouse infrastructure. The other member states’ crops should remain relatively stable. As producers switch to smaller-sized varieties, yields are dropping; but this is compensated for by extended harvesting calendars. EU production of tomatoes for processing is projected to rise by 1%.

EU tomato exports are predicted to be down 7% from 2019, and 13% below the 5-year average. Although shipments fell by nearly 20% between January and April 2020, due to logistical problems caused by the pandemic, demand has since picked up. Meanwhile, EU tomato imports continue to rise (+3% on 2019 levels and 11% above the 5-year average). The main source is Morocco (71%), followed by Turkey (13%).

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