EU posts positive agri-food trade balance in January 2023

Thu 18/05/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

EU agri-food exports and imports remained strong in January 2023 compared to January 2022 reaching a total of €31.8 billion. EU exports reached €18 billion, and EU imports €13.8 billion (up 10% from the previous year). This has resulted in another positive trade balance for the EU of €4.2 billion. These are the main finding of the latest monthly agri-food trade report published today by the European Commission.

In terms of destinations, the United Kingdom remained by far the first destination of EU agri-food exports, representing 22% of the total. The United States was second, with 11%, and China remained third with 7%.

Brazil remained the leading source for the EU, representing 10% of total imports. From Brazil, EU’s maize imports have increased the most compared to January 2022 (+259%, €144 million). This corresponded to an increase of 448 thousand tonnes. Ukraine became the second source of EU agri-food imports that month. Compared with a year ago, EU imports from Ukraine increased by 16%, to reach €1.2 billion. 


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