Ecuador’s banana exports slip in 2022

Tue 03/01/2023 by Rcihard Wilkinson

The latest data published by the Association of Ecuadorian Exporters of Banana (AEBE) shows that exports from January to November 2022 were 6.42% lower than during the same period a year earlier. A total of 323.97 million boxes of bananas were exported over the 11 months, with top three participations by region being: i) European Union, with 26.09%, ii) Russia, with 23.44% and iii) Middle East, with 15.55%. The three regions together acquired 65.08% of the total Ecuadorian banana supply.

There were falls in shipments to Africa (-36.11%), US (-13.32%) and Oceania (-11.73%). The top three brands were Dole, with 10.48%, followed by Bonita, with 3.76% and Primadonna, with 3.59%.


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