Bcorp Trading has started direct export

Tue 03/01/2023 by Natalia Bammatova
Injy Elbadawy, managing partner, & Ahmed Mansy, export manager of Bcorp Trading

Bcorp Trading is a family enterprise, growing citrus fruit, grapes, strawberries and other fruit on 370 acres of own land in Egypt. Its subsidiaries include Elbadawy farms and smaller private agricultural producers in the region.

Since 2021, the company has been exporting their fruit. “We used to sell our produce to traders for further export, but decided to export ourselves,” says Ahmed Mansy, export manager. “It will ensure better transparency and better prices for end customers.” The goods are exported to Gulf countries and to Europe- the Netherland, France, the UK, etc.

Being client-oriented, the company also cares about local community and improves its infrastructure. The company also recognize the importance of sustainable agriculture in a safe and stable food supply, and cutting-edge farm management technologies lower the carbon footprint.

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