Dino Polska goes green by harnessing the sun’s power

Fri 20/12/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Dino Polska goes green by harnessing the sun’s power, ct. The Star

Polish supermarket chain Dino Polska S.A. is to install solar panels to generate renewable energy at its new and existing stores, according to European Supermarket News. By early 2021, the retailer aims to mount photovoltaic panels on the roofs of almost 400 Dino stores throughout Poland. The total capacity of the photovoltaic panels is expected to generate an estimated 14 GWh of clean, solar electricity per year and reduce CO2 emissions by around 11,000 tons per year. Chief executive of Dino Polska S.A, Szymon Piduch, said,

“Our intention is to meet the expectations of our customers. This applies not only to the development of Dino’s product offering, based on high-quality fresh products, but also to rising to global challenges and executing projects aimed at combating climate change.”

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