Devos Group, a structure based on serving retail

Tue 21/06/2022 by Amanda Cardinal
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Devos is a family company whose core business is growing pears and apples, developing unusual varieties such as Ruby Gold, a new yellow apple, or Jonagored red pears. The firm has recently started to offer berries, too. The group’s structure is based on serving retail with tailor-made products, including packaging. “We have a very good team and are always there for our customers, selling what we promise; everyone knows that. If a customer likes, for example, darker pears, we pack specifically for them,” said Louis De Cleene, commercial manager at Devos Group, which owns 265 ha of land in different areas of Belgium. France is a key market, where it currently owns 45 ha, with plans for further expansion. In addition to installing solar panels, the company has invested in innovative cooling systems, which in the cooling process, generate heat for the personnel, thereby achieving energy-neutral facilities.

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