Weighing machines are getting smarter

The age of the old-fashioned scale is now gone. Today’s large fruit and vegetable operations rely on intelligent weighing machines, which not only weigh products and deliver packages of equal weight, but can also pack products and apply price tags and other labels.
Tue 21/06/2022 by Gabriele Orsi
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Coop. Bilanciai Campogalliano presents new Galaxi HS weighing machine

Galaxi HS is the brand-new weight-pricing machine presented by the Bilanciai Cooperative of Campogalliano at Fruit Logistica in Berlin. This state-of-the-art device harnesses the company’s extensive experience as a leading player in Europe’s weighing systems sector. The Galaxi HS offers maximum flexibility and integration with any management environment, and features touch-screen controls, ease of maintenance and extensive modularity. The innovative solution is aimed mainly at the fruit and vegetable sector and the convenience food segment. Cooperativa Bilanciai offers its customers a vast and qualified network of dealers who guarantee after-sales assistance with very short intervention times and high-quality standards.

TopControl launches new MHP3000 combiner

TopControl has added to its range of tailor-made 4.0 technologies with the arrival of the MHP3000. This multi-head processor weight combiner creates small-sized packages of equal weight thanks to its use of the brand-new Food Process software. The machine, which will be available for the last quarter of 2022, will be capable of monitoring the entire process, from harvesting to packaging to handling individual orders. The integrated system offers an almost infinite range of modulations to meet all customer needs.

Greefa Optimus: the new super-delicate weigher

Greefa has launched Optimus, the new weigher for packaging fruit and vegetables. It features special technology that allows the creation of equal-weighing packages without the need to pass products from one conveyor belt to another, thus ensuring greater protection for more delicate or perishable produce.

Bizerba presents the next generation of price labelers

With a focus on the major topics of automation, digitalisation and sustainability, Bizerba has presented the next generation of labeling systems to satisfy the increasingly high requirements of the food industry. The next generation of price labelers is designed for the automatic weighing and labeling of pre-packaged goods in the industrial food sector and measurably outperforms rivals in terms of overall system effectiveness. The patented CleanCut® technology, adapted to the properties of Bizerba CleanCut® linerless labels, is perfect for this concept. This revolutionary approach puts an end to blades with sticky adhesive and is fully geared towards reducing machine downtime. Full wrap labels, multi-page labels (C-wrap), and labels for classic labeling of individual packaging can all be produced without liner material. The rolls hold up to 90% more labels and waste is reduced.

Unitec satisfied with success of UNI Intelligent Weight Solution

The UNI Intelligent Weight Solution is the robotic technology designed by UNI Robotic, UNITEC’s new division specialising in robotic solutions. This machine is able to intelligently adjust the filling of kiwi crates according to a set weight. Should the weight of a crate not comply with the pre-set level, the robot intervenes by removing or adding fruits to reach the exact desired crate weight.

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