Cricket – a reliable brand for the future

Campo de Lorca has reinforced its business values in the face of the uncertainties generated by drought and increased costs.
Fri 02/06/2023 by Pierre Escodo
Cricket's cauliflower harvest

Cricket is approaching rising costs prudently by lowering output of less profitable products. The firm has reduced broccoli and cauliflower production by between 5-10% due to the dry season and strong summer heat. Cricket’s planned supply for this season is 50,000 tons of broccoli and 20,000 tons of cauliflower. The “Cricket Bio” range continues to grow at about 10% a year. Campo de Lorca has maintained its artichoke production, but with less Blanca de Tudela and more Green Queen F1, with the latter preferred by supermarkets for its lower shrinkage and longer shelf life. A specialist in brassicas, Cricket continues to offer kale, cabbage and bimi.

“We are Cricket” campaign has strong impact

Launched in 2021 at Fruit Attraction, the new green brand demonstrates the firm’s strong commitment to sustainability and biodiversity. “We are farmers, our livelihood is the soil, which is why we take care of it. We want to continue living off it and to continue providing healthy products to consumers,” said Juan-Marín Bravo. The new communication strategy “We are Cricket” allows the firm to reflect its social and environmental mission: to offer healthy products to consumers and vegetables produced in line with sustainability criteria. This has enabled Cricket to establish itself as a brand with a vision of the future, committed to society and the environment. “In the past 3 years, we have made significant investments in solar panels in our facilities and on the farms,” said Bravo.

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