Maf Roda achieves success with global automated solutions

Fri 02/06/2023 by Pierre Escodo
New Fast Pack box filler for stone fruit

Following on from the development of Fast Pack for apples, a new robotised version of Fast Pack for stone fruit was presented at the Fruit Attraction expo. “Automated box filling represents a great step forward for the fruit sector,” said Maf Roda CEO Christophe Blanc. A fully automated fruit pack-house is now a possibility thanks to the AGVs (autonomous vehicles) the group has recently developed for the robotised filling of boxes and pallets. Meanwhile, the new Globalscan software, to be presented at Fruit Logistica 2023, constitutes another major achievement for the world leader in sorting solutions. Globalscan 7 offers major advances in terms of flexibility, enabling the operator to make faster and more intuitive adjustments. “Globalscan 7 brings great gains in autonomy and productivity,” said Blanc.

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