Coviran opens “new concept” supermarket  

Wed 16/09/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Coviran opens “new concept” supermarket  

The Coviran Cooperative has opened a supermarket under a new concept in the Granada town of Almuñécar. Supermercados Cotobro is the commercial name of the establishment and is a modern and innovative supermarket that accredits the store as a “Responsible Point of Sale”.

Cotobro supermarkets have 100 square metres of sales room and a check-out box to offer the best conditions for customers to comfortably carry out their daily shopping close to home. They provide a modern and attractive image for the consumer with state-of-the-art technology to support management and improve service, and of course, highly qualified professionals. This modern and innovative supermarket contains all of the sections that are typical of a local establishment: butcher, delicatessen, bakery and greengrocer in self-service.

The partners who join the New Concept, as well as the employees of these establishments, receive training to meet the needs of the current client and the sector. New technologies and all the management areas of a “supermarket 10” are addressed in this School of Commerce to increase the efficiency and profitability of these establishments.

A press release stated: “The current situation that exists as a result of the spread of the coronavirus forces us to take extreme security measures, hence the importance of adapting to the new times and offering this training to members through the digital platform of the Covirán School of Commerce.

“Through the new concept, the members of the Cooperative offer their customers modern, comfortable stores, where shopping becomes a pleasant experience, and all this, in a proximity supermarket where the know-how of its owners and the treatment trusted, make a difference. Now, in addition, these establishments are “responsible points of sale”, since the cooperative has developed a project that includes several lines of action so that these businesses are more accessible, sustainable, efficient, and have a greater involvement and commitment to the environment in which they are located.”

Stores such as Cotobro supermarkets show a commitment to social responsibility and sustainability and ensure the benefits associated with their cooperative model in their immediate surroundings, something that the customer values ​​more and more and rewards with their loyalty.

The Cooperative maintains its prominent presence in the Andalusian community where it has 1,076 supermarkets and generates 5,979 jobs. In addition, during the last year this company has made purchases from 402 suppliers in Andalusia worth more than €102 million.

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