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Andalusia’s agricultural sector calls for agricultural workers to be given priority vaccinations 

Andalusia’s agricultural sector calls for agricultural workers to be given priority vaccinations 
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The Andalusian Confederation of Food and Perfume Entrepreneurs (CAEA) has requested “adequate priority” so that the region’s 125,000 agricultural workers can access a vaccine, given that it is an “essential sector”, as stated by the government. 

The president of the CAEA, Virginia González Lucena, said that it is “essential to protect with the administration of the vaccine workers in the commercial distribution of food and basic products in their professional work while the current pandemic situation persists.” Likewise, she recalls that it is “a sector that has more than fulfilled the tasks that had been entrusted to it as a strategic service, guaranteeing in any case the supply of basic products and basic necessities”. She also emphasizes that these establishments are “safe places for workers and consumers, thanks to the prevention measures adopted by companies.”


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Coviran opens “new concept” supermarket  

Coviran opens “new concept” supermarket  


The Coviran Cooperative has opened a supermarket under a new concept in the Granada town of Almuñécar. Supermercados Cotobro is the commercial name of the establishment and is a modern and innovative supermarket that accredits the store as a “Responsible Point of Sale”.

Cotobro supermarkets have 100 square metres of sales room and a check-out box to offer the best conditions for customers to comfortably carry out their daily shopping close to home. They provide a modern and attractive image for the consumer with state-of-the-art technology to support management and improve service, and of course, highly qualified professionals. This modern and innovative supermarket contains all of the sections that are typical of a local establishment: butcher, delicatessen, bakery and greengrocer in self-service. 

The partners who join the New Concept, as well as the employees of these establishments, receive training to meet the needs of the current client and the sector. New technologies and all the management areas of a “supermarket 10” are addressed in this School of Commerce to increase the efficiency and profitability of these establishments.

A press release stated: “The current situation that exists as a result of the spread of the coronavirus forces us to take extreme security measures, hence the importance of adapting to the new times and offering this training to members through the digital platform of the Covirán School of Commerce.

“Through the new concept, the members of the Cooperative offer their customers modern, comfortable stores, where shopping becomes a pleasant experience, and all this, in a proximity supermarket where the know-how of its owners and the treatment trusted, make a difference. Now, in addition, these establishments are “responsible points of sale”, since the cooperative has developed a project that includes several lines of action so that these businesses are more accessible, sustainable, efficient, and have a greater involvement and commitment to the environment in which they are located.”

Stores such as Cotobro supermarkets show a commitment to social responsibility and sustainability and ensure the benefits associated with their cooperative model in their immediate surroundings, something that the customer values ​​more and more and rewards with their loyalty.

The Cooperative maintains its prominent presence in the Andalusian community where it has 1,076 supermarkets and generates 5,979 jobs. In addition, during the last year this company has made purchases from 402 suppliers in Andalusia worth more than €102 million.

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Spain’s citrus sales slow down

Spain’s citrus sales slow down, Source: Observatorio de Precios y Mercados (Andalucia)

The Christmas holidays led to a reduction in sales of citrus in Spain, although the arrival of low temperatures and the end of the Christmas period should prompt an upturn. The average prices of citrus fruits in the 2019/20 campaign are higher than those registered in the previous campaign, in which the prices were especially low. The upward trend in the prices generally corresponds to product varieties with a higher commercial value in the market.

A decrease in average yield per hectare has been registered in the current campaign. Average orange prices remained stable at 0.19 / kg in week 52 of 2019 and week 1 of 2020, decreasing by 5% with respect to the average value of orange in week 51 of 2019 (€0.2 / kg) and 9.5% compared to week 50 (€0.21 / kg).

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UPA Andalucía wants a stronger CAP and defends family farming

UPA andalucia

Andalusia’s farming organisation, the UPA, is demanding a stronger CAP to defend family farming in the face of the new challenges facing the sector, such as Brexit. The UPA has called for an aid system that favours the transfer of holdings between older producers and new farmers and one that encourages young people and women to play a key role in rural development. Specifically, the UPA has suggested establishing aid ceilings much lower than those applied in the current CAP, in order to avoid unfair distribution of aid and at the same time obtain funds for other priority measures. Also, priority should be given to the first hectares, so that a 30% budget is distributed among small and medium farmers and ranchers. The association believes that if these conditions are met, it will lead to simpler and more stable standards over time that will allow greater competitiveness, more effective management, and a better understanding by society of the agricultural sector.

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Exports of Andalusian avocado and mango rise in value

125TROP mangos

In the period from September to December 2017, avocado exports from Andalusia dropped by 2% in volume and increased by 16% in value compared to the same period last season. Exports to the European markets showed ​​similar values to last season, whereas volumes sent to the extra-European market accounted for 6% of the total, down by 34% compared to the
previous campaign.

Andalusia mango exports

Source: Observatorio de precios y mercados

Meanwhile, the region’s mango exports have increased by 17% in volume and 15% in value with respect to the previous season. The growth in value was less than the growth in volume terms as the unit value slipped 2% in the European market this campaign. Overall, the monthly trend of exports to the European market remains little changed from last year, although September saw higher export volumes than last season.


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Damage to Andalusia’s citrus crop in recent weeks


The drop in temperatures in recent days together with strong winds, rainfall and hail has damaged the Andalusian citrus crop. Average citrus prices remained constant in Week 11 of 2018, except for lemon, which increased in value by 6%.

In Week 11 of 2018, average citrus prices at the handling plant increased slightly from the previous week. Orange increased by 6% in value, while lemon and tangerine prices rose by 2.5% and 1%, respectively. Given the decrease in product availability in recent weeks and the reduction in quantities of stored fruit in the handling and packaging centres, average prices are expected to increase in the coming weeks.