Cortijo Bio supplies year-round organic sweet potato

Tue 28/06/2022 by Gloria Zorrilla
Jean Claude Mathaly, owner of El Cortijo Bio
Marketing manager Jorge Rivas at Fruit Attraction Madrid 2021.

Pioneers in Spain’s organic farming, Cortijo Bio was founded in 1992 in the province of Cádiz and started out by specialising in organic carrots. Over time, it has expanded its catalogue to include other organic products, such as beets, squash, potatoes, leeks, onions, mangoes, avocados and sweet potatoes. Cortijo Bio was the first Spanish company to produce organic sweet potatoes, which it supplies 12 months of the year. This project involved the development of a system for controlling all processes to ensure the quality of the organic vegetables.

“We use an agricultural system that preserves the fertility of the soil by employing natural resources, without the use of chemicals or genetically modified organisms (GMOs),” said founder Jean Claude Mathaly.

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