China imposes additional tariffs on imports of US fruit

Wed 11/04/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
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On April 2, 2018, China announced that it would be immediately applying additional tariffs on 128 US products in response to similar tariffs imposed by the US. Approximately US$2 billion worth of  food and agricultural exports will be affected by the measure, including of fruit (fresh and dried) and tree nuts (shelled and in-shell). This decision came after China submitted a trade compensation consultation request to the US through the WTO, but subsequently concluded that no solution would be reached. The retaliatory tariffs were welcomed by the Chinese people.
The increase in tariffs affects a wide range of fresh and dried fruits grown in the US. For instance, US-grown oranges will now be subjected to a 26% import tariff as opposed to 11% previously. The tariif on imports of US Grapes has gone up from 13% to 28%, while the levy on apples has risen from 10% to 25%.

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