AREFLH promotes role of women in fruit and vegetable sector

Wed 11/04/2018 by Richard Wikinson

The AREFLH is an Italian association consisting of producers, managers, consultants, journalists, experienced researchers in different areas of the entire production chain, from the nursery to the distribution. The association hopes to support the establishment of similar associations the other EU countries with the future goal of creating a European Federation of women of fruit and vegetables.

The organisation aims to promote culture and knowledge of fruit and vegetables from a feminine perspective and to bring the production world closer to consumers. The association enhances the image of quality fruit and vegetables from a scientific viewpoint, while involving women to guarantee equal opportunities.

The association organises meetings, debates, round tables, studies, courses, exhibitions, and cultural initiatives to promote the role of women in a strategic sector for the Italian economy while improving knowledge of fruit and vegetables with innovative tools and language.

Upcoming events are:

• 15/16 April Fruttamami, Milan

• 10 May, Macfrut, Rimini, “Quality in the Mirror” Conference

• June, a tour of the production facilities of Sicilian members

• 6 October, Ferrara

• 15/17 November, Interpoma, Bolzano

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