CapGen Seeds: A successful campaign driven by innovation and dedication

CapGen Seeds has experienced a highly positive campaign, exceeding expectations in production, sales and human capital. In Spain, the area planted has increased significantly compared to last season.
Mon 28/08/2023 by Maria Belen Barbini - Translation Richard Wilkinson
Tomato Obelix

Star products such as Chencho and Pancho cucumbers and Sidi peppers have consolidated their positions in the market. The Obelix tomato has demonstrated its adaptability in multiple regions. New releases such as Martinez and Españolo cucumbers have found acceptance in Almería. Gaudi, a red pepper, meets resistance demands, and Gavilan, a cherry pear tomato, has been launched with the backing of cooperatives.

In the papaya segment, an increase in sales has been observed in Spain, with varieties such as Caballero, Amira, Colima and Alicia, extending to the Canary Islands, Almería and Murcia. Globally, CapGen Seeds products reach more than 30 countries, with a strong presence in the Southern Hemisphere.

The focus on research and development has driven an 18% increase in the production of horticultural varieties, reflecting the company’s genetic adaptability and its investment in new technicians and marketing expansion. Its customer solutions strategy has allowed the firm to enter new market segments.

In tomatoes, the firm’s lines of research are focused on resistance to wrinkle and nitrogen efficiency, as well as specialised varieties. In cucumber, resistances and specialties are being worked on. The expansion of facilities in Almería and Morocco supports growth and obtaining the GSPP Certificate.

New varieties such as Martinez and Españolo fulfill specific roles in the cucumber cycle. Gaudi and Gavilan expand the offer of peppers and tomatoes. CapGen Seeds is also exploring CGT3615, a high-quality plum tomato. The company is consolidated as a leader in innovation, commitment and customer satisfaction.

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