Calls for EU not to authorise imports from third countries treated with banned Chlorpyrifos

Thu 29/06/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

Valencia-based citrus agricultural organisation Unió Llauradora is urging the European Union not to authorise imports of products from third countries that contain active materials whose use is not authorised, such as Chlorpyrifos and Methyl chlorpyrifos.

The organisation considers that the Spanish Government could follow France’s lead in banning cherry imports with the active material phosmet for a period of one year when this insecticide comes from third countries.

A study prepared by La Unió Llauradora with official data found that in the last two years (from May 2021 to May 2023) there were a total of 372 detections of Chlorpyrifos and Methyl chlorpyrifos in EU imports from third countries.

Carles Peris, general secretary of La Unió, said: “It cannot be that there is an open bar for third countries when it comes to entering European markets with their products, while here we make efforts to reduce the use of pesticides. They have caused more difficulties to control pests and higher production costs that we must assume.”


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