Trecoop consolidates South African market

Wed 28/06/2023 by Trecoop for Eurofresh Distribution
Ignasi González, co-director of Trecoop

The Trecoop second-tier cooperative is looking forward to a production campaign with “very high quality and normal quantity,” said co-director Ignasi González. “Last year we began to work regularly in the South African market and now we hope to consolidate these clients during the summer of 2023. We also have Colombia, another distant market that we trust to go regularly.”

After some difficult years and lower production due to weather, Trecoop is now returning to normality. In this difficult period, hard work has been done to guarantee supply to customers in order to consolidate them. The company has adapted its presentations and formats according to market demand. Given the significant increase in costs and the smaller crop sizes, enormous efforts were needed to safeguard profitability.

Although the European market continues to be the most important, Trecoop also operates in North America and South America, where Colombia now joins other destinations such as Brazil. Trecoop, which is positioned worldwide as a leading pear brand, is also present in China, the United Arab Emirates, India and Senegal. In this campaign, the cooperative from Lleida (Spain), with bases in Montoliu de Lleida and Sudanell, intends to strengthen the South African market in all sales channels, including supermarket chains and wholesalers, above all by exporting the Williams and Bartlett pears.


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