AvoBravo: an innovative project for Russian consumers

Wed 02/09/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
AvoBravo, an innovative project for Russian consumers

“It was a risk to launch the AvoBravo project because we did not know if Russian consumers were willing to buy read-to-eat avocado. But we took the risk, and AvoBravo brand was born,” said Daria Mironenko, import manager at Eurofrut (Russia). “We started to sell ready-to-eat avocado to restaurants and to end consumers through our website, and we found out that the demand is high: customers agree to pay more when they are sure the fruit is of high quality and ripe enough to be consumed at once.”

AvoBravo carefully controls oily matter before the products are shipped. In addition, to protect its reputation, the company always exchanges fruit if clients are not satisfied with it. It took some time to gain a name in the marketplace. But now the project has been recognised, and restaurant chefs recommend the company.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has been a challenge for all businesses,” said Mironenko. “However, we did not stop ours for a single day. Before long, the restaurants resumed their service through home delivery, and the number of online purchases grew considerably. Russian consumers wanted to treat themselves to tasty healthy food, and our client numbers have risen. And they have remained loyal to us even in the post-pandemic period.”

Eurofrut supplies avocado only in Saint Petersburg for now, but plans to expand to other regions as well. The company sources its fruit from different countries, and is constantly adding new origins and looking for new suppliers. During this period in which it is impossible to travel abroad, the company is participating in virtual expositions, such as Macfrut Digital in Italy.

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