Atlantic Kiwi innovates with red and yellow kiwi

Fri 18/10/2019 by Richard Wilkinson

Kiwi Atlántico, Spain’s leading kiwi producer, represents almost half of the supply to the national market, with a production of about 9,200 tons, mainly of green kiwi. The firm is currently working on experimental projects to incorporate new varieties: two varieties of greenhouse-produced red kiwi (a more delicate crop), and two new varieties of yellow kiwi. With these innovations, Kiwi Atlántico aims to reach new consumers nationwide. There are promising forecasts for the upcoming campaign.

“It will be an excellent year in terms of organoleptic quality. Perhaps, it will be remembered as one of the best,” said manager, José Carlos Vila. Kiwi Atlántico will also have 7% more production capacity this season, an encouraging figure considering that low production levels are expected in Europe.

“The increase in volume is due to new plantations in Asturias and Galicia entering into production, adding to those that started last year in Catalonia and Valencia,” said Vila. In the next campaign, Kiwi Atlántico will continue its ‘Ice Kiwi’ project, which offers a new way to enjoy the fruit and adds more value to its offer. “This project was launched last year, but now we have managed to create a more natural fruit ice cream, with the minimum amount of added sugar,” said Vila.

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